Supporting School Improvement

Supporting the process of school improvement through building capacity to review, challenge and implement transformational change.

Every school operates under different circumstances, underperforming schools are frequently required to not only review outcomes, the quality of teaching practice and provision but also the organisation operating as a whole.

Working together with senior school leaders I have adopted a four-phased approach. We will first aim to stabilise in order to be safe, legal and compliant. The repair phase will include activities such as a gap analysis’  to identify improvements required.  Actions will then be delivered by a variety of project management tools to bring about desired improvements and sustainable change.

Example Methodology and underpinning project principles

4 phases










Key delivery areas

  • Project management
  • Governance and compliance
  • Policy & procedure development
  • Reorganisation planning & delivery
  • Merger preparation
  • Change and cultural awareness management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Internal/ External Communications
  • Corporate identity and branding
  • Development/alignment of business systems and tools

School Website Development

Specialised in maintaining compliant Primary, Secondary School, and College websites.

I’m always focused on engaging the entire school community with informative, impactful and easy to navigate websites.

Take full control over every aspect of your site, centralise your communications and empower your team to use this a communication tool and you’ll soon see a dramatic improvement in engagement.

The DfE have defined a set of mandatory requirements to ensure your school website is compliant and meets the necessary standards. Not only are Ofsted inspectors looking for websites that meet their requirements, other internal and external stakeholders will use the school website as their first point of contact to access information.

In a previous role acting as school governor, not only do I have the capability to provide a ‘Ofsted ready’ compliance audit service, I also have the ability to dig deep in-between the Polices, the Pupil Premium statements, the annual SEND report and Safeguarding requirements, ensuring the information provided is accurate and impactful and optimizing underperforming areas by offering best in class examples and training for staff to help improve these areas.

I also provide a range of services to compliment your school website, photography & branding packages along with the  ‘Ofsted ready’ compliance audit service.

Example maintained websites

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primary website